Professor Parker

About Professor Parker

Professor Parker has been teaching English, especially Shakespeare and English and American literature at Christian universities for some time. He is a wordsmith and delights in explaining and enlightening students. He travels with his family to many places abroad and likes very much to chronicle his journeys. Many have a religious connection with missionaries or Biblical sites or hymn sites.

Professor Parker is also an interim minister for the churches of Christ. See He is a great Bible teacher and uses many illustrations to be sure his audience grasps spiritual applications to the scripture.

He likes to spend time writing and imagining at his farm in middle Tennessee.

Dr. Parker just led a great tour of these hymn sites to England June 14-25 of 2010.  Future trips are being considered.  What a pilgrimage and a great religious experience it is to sing these hymns together on the site where they were composed and sung by believers for years. Lipscomb University where Dr. Parker teaches, arranged the tour.

John and Jill at the Rock of Ages Site in Cheddar Gorge
John at Olney at John Newton’s Pulpit
Parkers at Windsor Castle
John in the John Wesley Pulpit at Bristol’s New Room
Parkers at Buckingham Palace Gate

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